Our favorite timepiece is not only extremely stylish but also budget friendly. For any of you watch lovers out there, you should be well aware that the perfect watch doesn’t always come cheap, nor should it. However, if you are like my husband or me you also like to have an arrangement of gorgeous timepieces, not just one (talk about pricey!) Daniel Wellington offers the perfect selection of watches in unique styles and a wide range of pricing to fit anyone’s budget. My husband loves his new timepiece and is always talking about how comfortable the band is, COMFY anything is a huge bonus in my book.
Check out the link to my hubby’s watch here + shop Daniel Wellington with my promo code: ANDREACOONROD for 15% off!

with Teresa Rodriguez


When I say something is perfect for literally EVERYTHING, this shop is it. Teresa is not only a delightful person to work with she is incredibly helpful at making sure you find the perfect piece for any occasion. When I first spoke to her I told her I wanted something simple, versatile, and beautiful – and that is exactly what I received. A stunning and shining three tiered gold necklace with structurally amazing emblems on each and it was pure perfection for me. Be sure to check out her pages listed below for some fun shopping you don’t want to miss out on.

Website and Instagram

Christian Boss is a passionate hair stylist who moved to the Kansas City area after living in Manhattan KS for four years. She specializes in balayage and continues to expand her knowledge through continuing education. She works at an amazing salon in downtown Kansas City called the Glam Room Salon + Beauty Bar. I love working with Christian because she is an extremely particular person when it comes to hair. She is totally up front with you about what she can do, cost, and gives you the full package for such a good deal. I have been going to her for cuts, color, and styling for years now!

Check out Christian at the Glam Room Salon + Beauty Bar and book an appointment today on her website or instagram. Mention my Name and get $20 off a cut and color!!

“I am so excited for my future in Kansas City and all the amazing opportunities that will come my way. I look forward to working with so many of you amazing people.” -Christian



Ellie active-wear literally is my new favorite obsession. I already love a good subscription box but combine it with my favorite things to wear (aka athletic clothing) and I am all in. It can be hard to find the best fit, amazing patterns, and reasonable prices all in one but Ellie has done this. That’s not all either, they ship you it all for free! You get a monthly subscription box that includes 5 items for your active lifestyle. I loved my June box which included a sports bra, breathable tank and leggings, hat, and running bag. Literally IN LOVE. You don’t want to miss out on this at all, trust me! Click the links below to save on your first subscription box today.




Juju & Jake offers the most adorable and unique brand of pillows I have ever seen! The shop provides handmade knot pillows in a variety of shapes and colors. I am in LOVE with my sphere grey pillow because I can literally place it anywhere in my home and it looks perfect! I am always getting complimented on how unique the pillow is but also how comfy it is. BONUS: the sphere pillow can also act as a fun indoor ball for littles to play with ( I know Lo loves it.) My ultimate favorite item that Juju & Jake offers is their braided crib pillow, once we begin to grow our family again it is a MUST HAVE item on our list!

Be sure to check out my pillow and more great items on their website & Instagram


Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 12.08.21 PM


Please note that I am an extremely picky person when it comes to accessorizing myself, but even more, my hubby. He has a very particular taste and it is hard for him to be comfortable with too much change. However, when I showed him this beautiful Jord wood watch, he was incredibly impressed with the artisanship and delicate, yet stunning detail and color in this watch. I honestly had to wake up early just to take a photo of the watch alone because he wears it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Although the photo below shows this perfect timepiece, it still doesn’t do it justice. I can’t wait to get my own women’s watch so I can wear a little something that feels as sophisticated and charming as this.

For direct shopping links for this exact wood watch below, click here.

IMG_1383 (1)

Be sure to check out their website and Instagram

We’ve all heard of LuLaRoe but sometimes it’s difficult finding our favorite distributors with all the best and most beautiful prints, patterns, and sizes! My FAVORITE distributor is Stephanie Dixon out of Colorado and you absolutely have to check out her collection. Head over to her Facebook page and click photos and then click albums. Each album listed will show the different items and sizes. Enjoy!


Lina Jake is my new official obsession! I am always telling mysel I need the perfect tote for my everyday things and I have finally found the dreamiest tote of all! It has so much space and a small clutch insert for all of the small things you want to keep a little more snug. They have an assortment of other bags and all in adorable & trendy colors!

Check them out on their website, Instagram, and Facebook

Use the code: LINAJAKE20 for 20% off your order today!




I can’t tell you enough how much I love to read with my little Lo. It is so important to teach our children to love learning at a young age! Inspirational Nursery Rhymes are the world’s first self-help books for toddlers, which is why we love them so much. My daughter is not only reading a cute story, she’s comprehending the values that each story entails. She is learning positivity, manners, gratitude, and responsibility throughout each of these books. The stories also have wonderful pictures that help her visualize what I am reading to her. These stories are for children ages 0-7 and will not disappoint you or your little one!

Check out their Website and Instagram!



We are so excited to share our new favorite children’s books, AJ Angsley’s alphabet collection. AJ writes a series of books based on each letter of the alphabet. Each book focuses on a child’s development, values, and intrigues imagination. I personally love how they relate to everyday learning. For instance. The H book teaches us about different Holidays! Of course, my daughters favorite is the H book because her name starts with H!

You can find these wonderful books here and here



LADIES!!! We all have a bad side, you know the one. The wild, free, & no responsibilities one? Well, Ink’d & Classi gives me just enough of that bad side in their clothing to make me feel young and free once again. They’re stuff is so adorable, affordable, and ultra comfy (ok, comfy may not sound badass but everyone wants a little soft and sweet!) You don’t want to miss this amazing shop.

Check out their website and instagram!



OBSESSED! This is pretty much the only word that comes to mind when I think of Lipsense. I have always loved lipsticks but I hated the constant application, smearing, rubbing off onto my hubby and Lo’s faces and coffee mugs (totally annoying to say the least.) When my good friend Katie started selling it, I decided ‘what the hell’ but little did I know that I would also become addicted. This product has it all for lipstick lovers; from long lasting wear, smudge/water proof, and an endless possibility of colors. Check out Katie’s message below along with her Lipsense page to learn more and use the promo code: LOLOSLIPS for free shipping!


“Hey all! My name is Katie Hamilton and this cutie here is my daughter, Paisley! I am a stay at home mama with a makeup obsession!! Who can ever have enough makeup, am I right?! This is a huge reason as to why I became a LipSense distributor. LipSense is the new holy grail product, I will never use another lipstick/lip gloss/Chapstick again! For those of you who don’t know what LipSense is, it’s the premier product of SeneGence! It’s a liquid lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours and is smudge proof, waterproof, kiss your baby proof, and transfer proof! WHAT! It’s amazing!”

“A little bit about why I became a distributor.. When I had my daughter 15 months ago, I just didn’t feel like myself. I was a stay at home mom who never really got out to do anything and never got out to talk to anyone. I never dressed up anymore or did my makeup, or even made myself presentable really. I mean, I just had a baby so that’s understandable right? I didn’t have anything that was mine. My fiance had to give me money in order for me to be able to do anything. This was so not what I was used to. So when I found LipSense, my life was changed to say the least. Not only is this such an amazing product but I have found myself again! This product has changed my life not only because I can kiss my baby and fiance without smearing lipstick all over their faces, but it has also helped me become the woman I lost!”


I cannot express how comfy Wear it’s at Designs clothing is! I expected the norm but they give 100% comfort and care with each of their products! If you are from the KC area you don’t want to miss out on this amazing shop or the sweet mama’s who run it! They offer so many different options and they have wonderful prices!

Check them out on their website or Instagram


Anyone else absolutely love to be comfy and still look cute? I definitely do, and Beautifully His Boutique offers the comfiest pants for us ladies to wear anywhere! They offer so many comfortable and adorable clothing options for us ladies. Go check them out before they sell out!

Beautifully His Boutique and Instagram




I AM OBSESSED WITH COFFEE! I have found that at the majority of coffee shops if you bring your own coffee mug, they offer a special discount. WHAT? That’s so awesome. What’s even more awesome, is that there are so many cute coffee mugs out there that are specially designed with creativity and love just for us. You don’t want to miss out on these sweet designs for anytime of the year.


Check out their website and instagram.