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I have always known that my little girl was a huge fan of snuggling. A lot of kids love to snuggle up with their parents at least on some occasions. I never knew how extreme her snuggle addiction was though..

It honestly only recently started occurring outside of the usual stuffed animal or blanket. She has never been truly obsessed with any one particular thing at bedtime (outside of the binky) and thank goodness that’s gone, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want something with her all of the time at night.

I noticed this a few weeks ago when she kept asking to take a book to bed with her. She loves to read so I figured she was planning a little light reading before she falls asleep (gosh she’s a nerd, love it.) Then she began asking for two books, a baby doll, blanket, water…etc basically anything I would allow her to go to bed with.

I am not kidding when I say that last week she slept with a tiny pumpkin for 4 nights in a row. Like real-deal, pulled in tight, snuggled all night long. When I finally told her we needed to put it on the porch with the other pumpkins it was no big deal to her but she just attached herself to another item to take to bed….

A waffle…

An ego waffle….

Yes, she might be the weirdest kid ever but I didn’t even realize it until the next morning and she was asking me to get her blanket for her and then she said and my waffle…

I’m literally looking at her like WTF is she trying to tell me and then I realized she wasn’t kidding, she wanted the waffle out of her bed with her to cuddle that morning…

I am not positive how to handle this current addiction, but I definitely am starting to fear what might pop into her bed next. I mean really…chocolate cake, a tire, a live chicken, a boy??? Oh please, no…. if you know of any snuggle addiction counselors send their numbers my way!


So lately, I am struggling A LOT when it comes to energy. I have tried several healthy options such as adding 30 things to a smoothie and it just doesn’t help. Between my family, work, blogging, and keeping up with my mom chores, while also carrying around a big baby bump I just don’t get enough rest somehow (I literally sleep 10 hours a night so idk why.. but yea..) Anyway…

So, I started getting coffee (like everyday) from coffee shops near me or running through Starbucks when I am in a hurry. I do this because our Keurig cappuccino maker doesn’t seem to fit literally any of the pods at the grocery store (one size fits all my ASS) & since I am too lazy to order them online every month, I just don’t… hence coffee shops.

The hubz decided that I go way too often and need to reduce my visitation frequency. I mean I go everyday but like…it’s called being an adult. Anyway I kind of understand (kind of) so I said “ok babe.” But did I really mean it? Probably not…

I know this because I have been finding ways around this current dilemma. For instance, the other day I bought 50% off coupons for Starbucks on Groupon (smart!). I also will randomly take cash out at the grocery store so he doesn’t necessarily know where it’s going…(I still feel smart.) That is until he asked me why I keep taking out cash….(damn busted.)

I tried to play it cool and say, “uh…I just like to have it.” But of course I didn’t have any on me so that’s a lie. So i confessed, because I am weak.

Then I decided that the frequency of my visits to Starbucks is my own business. Nobody needs to know how caffeinated I am at all times..So, I now have my own debit card for my coffee.

Shhhh. Don’t tell the hubby…


I feel like I don’t usually brag on my kiddo on my posts because most of the time I’m laughing at the silly things she does, but honestly I need to brag. I’ve been having a lot of proud parent moments lately where I just want to yell, “MY KID IS A ROCKSTAR” and give out a million high fives but I can’t because…adult life 

For instance, the other day we took my mother to the airport and Lo told us two times that she needed to potty at the beginning and middle of the drive. The airport is an hour away and I pretty much assumed she would have an accident because it was 6am and we couldn’t find any open gas stations on the way. When we finally were able to find a restroom near the airport to my surprise she hadn’t had an accident and went in the potty like a big girl. I know this may seem like a tiny victory but to me it’s like climbing Everest these days. So let me just shout on here “HOORAY FOR HOLDING YOUR PEE IN SO LONG LOLO” and give you all virtual high fives.

Another time this week I was super proud of her was at Target! She has been known to have a fit or two over a toy but this time she was beyond good. I mean, she put items back exactly where she found them when I told her no. She didn’t cry or yell when a random kid stole a toy out of her hand. She didn’t even play hide and seek in the clothing racks (which was almost concerning.) I even had a store clerk tell me how good she was. I literally turned around to see if they were talking to someone else, because..she’s kinda cray…

But she’s also super sweet. For instance this morning she sneezed and I said “bless you Harlow” and then I coughed and she said, “bless you mama”, then proceeded to point to dad and said “dad, tell mama bless you.” So…maybe she’s a tad bossy but the proud parent moment still came flowing in ☺️

I should probably shut my mouth before I jinx all of the good behavior but man sometimes it just feels good to be a proud mama and share it , even for the things that may seem small to others. So, to all you proud parents feel free to shout it out because there’s always someone like me who totally understands. 


I am pretty positive every parent experiences those moments when their sweet child does something completely unacceptable but 100% hilarious and you can’t help but laugh rather than discipline. This happens to me like 10X a day, so I might have a slight problem but I can’t help myself.

 I mean, it’s not my fault that she’s so cute and funny while also being a sassy mess. I honestly find myself turning around or hiding my face from her multiple times a day because I know I shouldn’t laugh but apparently I’m super immature.

Although, I truly don’t have anyone to blame but myself. The other day I said something super sassy to my husband (let’s just blame it on pregnancy..) and she repeated the entire 5 word sentence back to me in an even sassier tone. I mean, I didn’t even know she could repeat that many words that weren’t memorized. So maybe I should be applauding her skills over anything.

All I really know is that if she’s this sassy at (almost 2!) I can’t even imagine what 14 will look like… Lord help me 🙌🏼


I can pretty confidently say that I have made it thus far through parenting due to three things. 1. All my supporters (aka..the hubby, my family, and BFF’s), 2. My Netflix addiction, and 3. My love of wine. These three things have pretty much been there for me since I had my sweet girl. They helped me through the late nights, vomit stained clothes, and leaky diapers. They are pretty much my superheroes.

I guess I must have thought that I was doing a pretty good job myself because I decided adding another baby to the mix was doable, which it definitely is but… What I didn’t expect was the pregnancy. YES! I know how dumb that sounds and YES! I know you have to cook the bun in the oven a bit (this isn’t my first rodeo.) But apparently I completely forgot in my mom brain mode that you can’t drink while you are pregnant. WHAT??? It’s shocking I know. (And NO!! I have not had a thing to drink during my pregnancy.) 

We have been experiencing the terrible two’s quite a bit at our house lately and I have no clue why I chose not to be able to drink wine during this most difficult time in my life. I literally can’t even pick out my daughters breakfast without a tantrum these days and although it is frowned upon to drink wine during breakfast either way, it would have been nice to at least consider it.

I don’t know how those mama’s with kids back to back do it, y’all are either insane, angels, or you have a super power you aren’t letting the rest of us in on. You are rockstars…but I suppose we all are in one way or another.

For now, have a drink for me if you’re able! 


We have all heard the infamous saying, “save water, shower together” and we have all also probably thought it was somewhat of a funny or sexy way of getting your significant other to join you in the shower…IN MY DREAMS…

My daughter has never once taken an interest in what a shower even is until recently. She has always seen the shower as a way to  make mama disappear suddenly and then return 10 minutes later. A trick she often didn’t approve of but mama’s need to feel clean too..

A few weeks ago, daddy had to run an errand and Lo was super pissed about the disappearing act (but I had shit on me and there was no way I wasn’t gonna shower.) So, I decided to throw her behind the curtain with me. I honestly figured it would piss her off even more but to my surprise she laid her baby bum on the shower tile and let the somewhat steamy water hit her back for like 20 minutes (no, it wasn’t very hot at all and yes, she is clearly a woman after my own heart.) I felt a moment of relief cross me as I was actually able to scrub the poop from under my fingernail off and soak up the relaxing moment myself. I thought to myself, “This is perfect, this is mama + baby bliss.”

It’s funny how something can be so right at one moment and then at another you realize what a mistake you have made.

Reasons you should never shower with your kid:

  1. You will never shower alone again. Seriously, not one single time. I tried to during nap time once and she woke up and of course dad brought her into the room and bam I had a shower mate once again.
  2. Your child will always and forever only want to shower. I have tried multiple times every single damn week to get my daughter in the bathtub again. Even just for a quick rinse but to my obvious failure she absolutely refuses because the shower is more fun apparently.
  3. You will never have space in your shower for your own two feet. I can’t even tell you how many dolphins I have stepped on and almost killed myself over because miss thing doesn’t have anywhere to put her “shower toys.” The reason is because they are not shower toys they are bath toys and I refuse to change that description.
  4. Your child will almost always want to get out before you do or stay in longer than you do. It is no longer a process of cleanliness, its based on your kid’s terms and if they want out while you are still conditioning you better rinse that shit before they slip and die or shiver to death standing on the bathroom tile.

Save water, shower together, has an entirely new meaning when you have kids…