My husband is the worst person in this world to shop for and that is not a joke. He is way to specific about details of things that he likes that it makes it nearly impossible to find. Thank goodness, I already know what he likes and I know all the dad’s out there will too.

  1. Jord Watch: This beautiful wood watch is so unique it grabs everyone’s attention, but it’s still subtle enough (my husband doesn’t prefer too flashy). I absolutely love the brand and their amazing customer service for all our needs.  SHOP HERE.
  2. Johnston & Murphy Shoes: I am sure the dads in your life already know how amazing these shoes are (if they don’t this is a MUST!) My husband doesn’t want to wear anything else. They have a wide range of styles and colors which make them the perfect shoe for every guy. SHOP HERE. (SALE)
  3. Perry Ellis Boxer Briefs: Ok, Guys…I am not kidding you. 3 years ago I asked my brother (yes, my brother) what underwear he used because I wanted to get my husband some new pairs. His immediate answer was Perry Ellis. They are light, breathable, and supportive (apparently :)). I have honestly worn them a time or two because they are so comfy. Literally EVERY SINGLE MAN in my family wears these. (Odd that I know that? Maybe, but its because they rock.) SHOP HERE.


Juju & Jake offers the most adorable and unique brand of pillows I have ever seen! The shop provides handmade knot pillows in a variety of shapes and colors. I am in LOVE with my sphere grey pillow because I can literally place it anywhere in my home and it looks perfect! I am always getting complimented on how unique the pillow is but also how comfy it is. BONUS: the sphere pillow can also act as a fun indoor ball for littles to play with ( I know Lo loves it.) My ultimate favorite item that Juju & Jake offers is their braided crib pillow, once we begin to grow our family again it is a MUST HAVE item on our list!

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Please note that I am an extremely picky person when it comes to accessorizing myself, but even more, my hubby. He has a very particular taste and it is hard for him to be comfortable with too much change. However, when I showed him this beautiful Jord wood watch, he was incredibly impressed with the artisanship and delicate, yet stunning detail and color in this watch. I honestly had to wake up early just to take a photo of the watch alone because he wears it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Although the photo below shows this perfect timepiece, it still doesn’t do it justice. I can’t wait to get my own women’s watch so I can wear a little something that feels as sophisticated and charming as this.

For direct shopping links for this exact wood watch below, click here.

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with Teresa Rodriguez


When I say something is perfect for literally EVERYTHING, this shop is it. Teresa is not only a delightful person to work with she is incredibly helpful at making sure you find the perfect piece for any occasion. When I first spoke to her I told her I wanted something simple, versatile, and beautiful – and that is exactly what I received. A stunning and shining three tiered gold necklace with structurally amazing emblems on each and it was pure perfection for me. Be sure to check out her pages listed below for some fun shopping you don’t want to miss out on.

Website and Instagram