Ok mama’s, let’s start a business. A real business. A LAWINEVENT, if you will. Wait, you’ve never heard of this, are you crazy? A LAWINEVENT is only the happiest place a mother can be.

LAWINEVENT (noun) : A place for mothers to go to drink wine and vent about                                                                       absolutely anything they can think of with no judgement,                                                                 only mom-power-vibes, while also doing laundry (this is                                                                   so our families think we are being productive.)

I have no idea how to run a laundry mat or acquire a liquor license, but I definitely know that I can get some moms in attendance. I know as moms we are always searching for more mom friends (nothing against our non-mom friends, we just need more people who can relate to our disgusting homes, stained clothing, and how our lives are controlled by tiny humans.) The biggest problem with having mom friends is that we usually can only meet at specific times and half the time we have to cancel because of a million different reasons.

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we had a LAWINEVENT where you could go at any time, check in online, and other mama’s could see someone is there and join?

Obviously a lot of people have their own, in home, laundry machines, but those can break….and mechanics can be a pain to get a hold of…and let’s be honest, how many of your hubby’s would actually attempt a load of laundry in doubt that you were lying?

Surely, there is a mama out there who owns a laundry mat that we could test this out on, right? If you have any recommendations let me know, because I am definitely, 100%, serious right now.


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