Today started out super gloomy. So I thought to myself, “How can I perk myself up?” The answer you might ask, was coffee. Isn’t coffee always the answer? So I threw on some comfy clothes and strapped Lolo into the stroller and made my way to Starbucks!

As I entered the store and smelt the sweet aroma of fresh coffee beans brewing I instantly felt better. Gloominess gone and I am ready to kick ass today!!! or so I thought?

The sweet woman at the register took my order and as usual brought my darling Lolo a pup cup of whip cream. (Yes, the pup cup is for dogs but babies need whip cream too.)

As soon as we exited the store it began to rain, just a light sprinkle. JUST KIDDING. After 5 seconds of walking it began to down pour. Luckily Lo was in the stroller but me? Oh no, I was unprepared as usual and began to sprint home.

As the rain poured more heavily I thought i’d take a quick break from my work out and coincidentally stopped right at my favorite donut shop! As I went to grab my sweet child I felt something sticky. Since the rain distracted me, I completely forgot that I left this grande cup of whip cream in my daughters lap (silly me.) Well, I guess this is what I get….

Introducing Lolo’s version of Santa’s beard.


After I saw this, I decided that I didn’t want to look like a “bad mom” today so I decided to huddle under a pop tent at the book store next door. Lucky for me there was a sweet kitty kat laying in the window and this distracted Lolo for a good 15 minutes until the rain cleared.


From a gloomy, soaking wet, sticky kind of day to a perky, peppermint mocha, and kitty kat kind of day all in under 45 minutes just proves to me that anything can make or break my day, but I can choose to see the positives in each moment and be thankful for them!


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