I often find myself, for lack of better words, bitching all of the time. Whether it is to myself, to my hubby, or to my best friend, I feel like I am always finding something to complain about.

Lately, it just seems like I am basically making things up to complain about. I seriously have taken 3 pregnancy tests this month because I keep thinking, “I am acting way too psycho not to be pregnant,” but then the ole’ NOT PREGNANT sign pops up and I come to the realization that I am actually just super annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have the right to complain now and then but I literally don’t even know what I am complaining about half the time. The other day I got all worked up because my hubby was home and I couldn’t get anything done because he wanted to spend quality time together. Now, sometimes that makes sense but that morning I was complaining about how he needs to spend more quality time with me….(Maybe, I should take a 4th pregnancy test.)

Now that Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is right around the corner I have decided that I need to stop complaining and start being more thankful. I need to be thankful that my husband wants to spend quality time with me. I also need to be thankful that he isn’t always around so that I can actually get some stuff done too.

With that being said I am going to have 24 days of being thankful (#24thankfuldays.) Starting today, November 1st all the way up to Thanksgiving Day. I have found that most research says it takes around 21 days for something to become habitual. Although, I did just read a more recent study suggesting it takes 66 days (but that seems a tad lengthy.) Therefore, 24 days it is.

Maybe some of you will join me? We all have things to be thankful for every single day. Whether it is your family, your health, or the liquor store down the street, we all have things to be grateful for.



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