I want to start by saying this post is kind of about breastfeeding. Although, I have a feeling most of you have experienced this from time to time.

Ever since my daughter learned the pincer grasp, around 3-4 months, she has done nothing but grab my flab. I was so excited when she started showing this developmental milestone and I started to show her different objects that she could grasp. Little did I know she would use it against me.

It didn’t start to occur until after the first few months, lets just estimate around 5 months. Yes, around 5 months is when it all began. First it was a little pinch on my arm or a little pull at my lip. All in the name of learning, right?


My daughter is a pincer grasp abuser. She snags at every possible living piece of flab on my body within her reach (which is surprisingly super far.) I mean come on… I freaking beard you in my womb for exactly 40 weeks and this is how you repay me? By reminding me of all the loose skin on my body! Not to mention that it hurts like I am literally giving birth again. Okay…I may be a tad dramatic but I had the drugs so it may have been similar ( I just don’t remember.)

I know that I cannot be the only one with a pincer grasp abuser on her hands. I have witnessed it in public several times. You probably have too. You know when you see a mom give that look. The look like “OMFG WTF, I am in a multitude of pain, STOP,” look. Yep, that’s the one. And all we can do is smile at the little ones and hope that they give us those dorky little grins so the pain disappears and we remember why it is all worth it. Because it is all worth it.

So this photo is a tad older & she’s not technically grabbing my flab, but it still is painful and perfectly depicts our relationship!



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