As a parent the responsibilities are endless. I am pretty sure any parent can attest that sometimes it is impossible. Actually, most of the time it is impossible. Between each spill, bruise, and unwanted meal, how do we even survive these little humans?

Sometimes I think we are all trying to be the very best that we can be, which don’t get me wrong is an excellent goal, but what does that truly mean?

Is being the best having a clean home, laundry folded and put away (in the same day), dinner on the table, dishes done, and a happy family all complete by bedtime?

OR is being the best doing your  personal best each day?

I have come to realize that as a parent you are held to high standards. People expect a lot from you (I mean you are in charge of another human.) You even expect a lot from you. But a lot of days it just wont happen. There have been so many days where I have just wanted to quit my job because I feel like I am failing at it. I mean…

The baby is a mess, the house is a mess, my hubby can’t find any of his underwear, and all I can think about is that glass of wine at the end of my long day. But, when it’s over I often find myself upset for not getting everything on my ‘to do list’ complete. But you know what? SCREW IT.

I did the best I could. I was the best mom that I could be TODAY and that’s perfectly okay. Tomorrow I may be better (probably not.) But no matter what, I need to start reminding myself how amazing being a mom is and that adulting is hard. I need to remind myself that even on the bad days I was still there being the best mom I could be that day.

Sometimes a good meme cheers me up too..




**Props to all of you mama’s and daddy’s out their doing your best each day!


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