Ok, I have a serious question. Is it possible that a child’s taste buds can change every 24 hours? or even less?

According to my extensive research, aka googling, most kids have around 10,000 taste buds and they are replaced every 2 weeks or so…but I SWEAR my daughters change every 24 hours or less.

For instance yesterday she couldn’t get enough oatmeal, I literally was feeding her with two spoons. If I didn’t feed her with two spoons she would start yelling at me between spoonfuls.

And today she decided she absolutely hates oatmeal and she’d rather push the bowl off of her chair and smear the rest onto my face..She is such a giving child.

The same thing happens with just about anything I give her, except sweets of course. Is it just me? Does my child have a taste bud problem? Will she ever eat oatmeal again?

Ohhh wait, I made a mistake. She will literally eat anything, except for what I want her to eat. Even a toothrush


**Double Spoon Technique: (This technique is only to be used with the utmost deliberation as it takes a great deal of expertise.)


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