A moment to reflect on.

Today was one of those days where it didn’t feel like anything was going to work out. We had a long weekend of traveling and visiting family. We clocked a few hours on the road and that did not make for a happy baby. The hubby and I didn’t get anything done, which only added to our stress. Basically it felt like Monday couldn’t come soon enough and who the hell ever says that?

With every tear, whine, and tug my little one gave me I just kept telling myself to breath and the day will be over soon enough.

And then it happened. I heard a giggle. I heard happiness just around the corner. The hubby was making some silly noises and tickling Lolo. I stepped out of one of my ‘end of the day chores’ and peaked around the corner to see my two favorite people in this world in the perfect moment together. It was beautiful. I stopped and stared at them for awhile. Then of course, I tried to snap a picture, because they’re freaking adorable .

Thinking back to this moment just a few short hours ago it almost makes me sad. The entire day I was wishing for my day to be over, but why? Why did I want a day with my favorite two people to end? Maybe, it was because I was tired, maybe because I was over cleaning and laundry, maybe I just needed some alone time. But now, all I wish is that I could go wake up my baby girl and play peek-a-boo. I wish my hubby didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. I wish we could all go to the zoo and enjoy the weather or snuggle on the couch and (try) to watch a movie. It is moments like this that I remind myself how lucky I am to have these wonderful humans in my life.

Tomorrow I will love them harder. Tomorrow will be a better day.





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